I have taught grades 2- 12 in Art. Presently, I teach High School Art at Edwin Parr Composite High School in Athabasca, Alberta.

At E.P.C., I have developed a ‘generalist’ program where my students are given the opportunity to learn about most media. I have also involved my students work with their school, community and the world. I believe Art makes a difference. Art can add beauty, be a stress reliever and become a career. I aim to teach my students the techniques and ‘secrets’ on how to create Art. No experience is needed to be in my Art 10 class, just the willingness to try.

Every semester, my students complete one Art project to share with others (community or the world). We have shared Art by:
  • creating Town Banners that hang from the light posts
  • sending ‘High Fives’ to children in the Stollery Children’s Hospital (in Edmonton), and those who have been affected by the HIV virus (in Thailand)
  • displaying Art in the Hospital Lab, Nancy Appleby Theatre, Town Library (and more!)
  • exchanging Artist Trading Cards with professional artists around the world
  • and so much more….
Using my years of experience, I have created a resource to help teachers teach Art. My 310 page book, complete with a CD full of ready to use templates, is called The Art of Organization: A Teaching Resource for Art Teachers. To read more about it, please continue on to this link.

Students Comments about my Art Classes

"It really doesn't matter if you aren't 'an artist.' Art is still an awesome class. I mean, I'm not an awesome drawer, or painter, or anything, but everyday this is the class I look forward to the most."

"It's a friendly, musical environment. I feel comfortable here. no pressure. You can be yourself."

"In this class, I feel safe, accepted, creative, relaxed and inspired."

"I like how we do so many different things."

"I have taken Art for three years and have grown in my art skills. Ms. Burns allows us to learn talents that we never knew we had."