Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
PictureArtist Barbara Burns in Winter Wonderland
I love winter. I love the beauty of a world covered in snow. I happen to be blessed in a world (town!) of two traffic lights, moose and deer in my backyard, coyote howls that pierce the night silence, forested areas and rolling hills just outside my door, blazing Northern Lights and a community that knows my name and smile. Granted there are things I miss being in a small town, but at this moment of recovery, I appreciate the beauty and the silence.

As I recover, and am still in treatment, from cancer, I love the peace of this place. I am surrounded by the beauty and love of this land and of others. I am blessed and so grateful.



03/04/2016 4:59am

You are really looking very nice specially the color of your eyes is really awesome and your smile is also very heart touching. Your told us that you love winter but i suggest you to be careful in winter because it can be dangerous for our health.

05/31/2016 9:34pm

There really are many great things that the Lord has blessed us with, but still we are not satisfied. There are many great things around us, yet we tend to see the few bad. At this time, those who are on the brink of their lives are whom sees the beauty of the world, so why can't we? Because we are too busy with so many things that we fail to see the goodness in everything. I admire these women for me too admires and finds beauty in everything, why should we build ourselves in the bad side when we can do it in the good side? That is one amazing point you give here. If she with a cancer can enjoy life, then why can't we? We should also take into consideration to smile and find beauty in the ordinary.

03/27/2016 4:40pm

I love this time of the year most of all too! It is a wonderful time when everything is under the snow and we can see this magic every day. Thank you for this essay writing and sharing your emotions

04/09/2016 2:26pm

Thanks a lot for sharing the post. I loved reading it!

05/27/2016 9:42am

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08/07/2016 10:46pm

I love winter and the beauty of a world covered in snow too! It's great time of the year!


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12/28/2016 11:22am


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