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Radiation is done! WooooHoooo!!! (insert happy dance, with fist pumps and a huge smile)

After a month of living at Compassion House, in Edmonton, while undergoing radiation treatment, I am now home. Actually, this week I will be temporarily at home. Tomorrow, I go into the city to watch Beatrice, my radiation buddy, who is 84 (or 85), ring the radiation bell to shout that her treatment is done. Then on Wednesday I have another medical appointment/check in, but I will balance that with a massage! And then on Friday, my friend Paula will drive me in for another treatment (some call it 'chemo maintenance'); this is the one (IV Herceptin) that I will get every three weeks, at the Cross Cancer Institute, for a year. Then, phew(!), I will be at home. (and once I am home, and in between resting & recovering, I will share with all of you about Compassion House, the people I met and my journey)

With this shared, I have completed three major treatments; surgery to remove the tumour, and chemotherapy & radiation to ensure the cancer is out of my body. So below is a picture of me ringing the bell at Compassion House. Being a teacher, a bell represents the end and the beginning. So, I rang the bell to state that this leg of my journey is completed, and I am off to begin another. 

Thank you for all of your love and support. You have raised me up and given me legs to stand on when I felt so very weak. I am so very grateful for the love that surrounds me. XOXOXO

(Below are some photos of me ringing the bell at Compassion House, me bundled up and leaving the House, #iseehearts as I leave the city, and "I've finished chemo and radiation" portrait in my Compassion House room. Click on the photos to see the entire image).



02/01/2016 3:42am

It is good to see you have visited you house even for one work. It is really good news that you have three major treatments to remove tumors and i wish you be perfectly healthy soon to enjoy your life.

06/10/2016 10:22pm

All the information is too right here because i also gone to the city for radiation to diagnose my pregnancy. It was very scene for me because the doctor told me that my daughter will come after 5 month. Thanks for giving me good information.

06/20/2016 11:06am

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09/19/2016 1:12am

I have recently found out about your blog and I can say that you are truly an inspiration. Despite of your medical condition, you never gave up and still give your readers hope. You are really amazing and I salute you for being strong and I believe that every woman should be like you. I am wishing you all the happiness and the best in life and I hope that you get better soon. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and thoughts and keep posting. God bless!

12/05/2016 8:12am

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12/17/2016 1:16am


So, congrats for the successful radiation treatment. You should keep updating students on such things, especially the students belonging to medical field so that they can get some information.


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