Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
Artist Barbara Burns and music
Music soothes and moves Barbara Burns through her life (and cancer journey).
Today, I’m going to share my personal bias about music (and by the title, I think you can tell what that is!), and some of the music I love. And then I want your help: I want you to share what music soothes and moves you!

I believe in the power of the Arts (literary, performance, visual and audio). Granted, I may be biased, being an Art Teacher and all, but what people create from their souls is supreme. It has power for two reasons: number one, as an Art Teacher I see first hand that creation is the highest form of learning. So excuse the lesson here, but below is an “educational” visual called Bloom’s Taxonomy to share my point. Bloom’s Taxonomy basically summarizes the steps of learning. 

Bloom's Taxonomy visual is from University of Arkansas Tips. Click on image for link.
So, for someone to create a work of art, write a book and produce music, the creator needs to learn and understand the skills of their craft, apply what they know, analyze and evaluate what works, and finally create something that has never been seen or heard before. Pretty impressive this ‘creative’ stuff, isn’t it? Okay, enough of this ‘education’ stuff…

Secondly, the Arts do things to, and for, people. Music can soothe our emotions, and yet inspire us to action (“Pump us up” and Dancing are two of them!!). A work of art can make people sigh with remembrance, and yet capture a powerful sentiment. A written piece has the ability to make us feel connected, and make us think and change ourselves and the world.

So, do you understand my bias?

As I mentioned earlier, in another blog post, music has soothed and moved me. I love all sorts of music; Alternative, Rock, Instrumental, Pop and the Songwriter genres are some of the music I have; in my possession there is an ancient selection of albums, called CDs, that number close to 950, and my downloads on iTunes, well, did I mention I love music? In fact, my love of music is known that I have been asked to join a Pubstumpers Trivia Team to help them with their chances of winning in that area. Needless to say, with all the music I consume, I have various Playlists on my iPhone. When I have people over for dinner, I have a playlist called “Mange, Mange” (this is French for eat…eat!). I have a huge song selection that I play while at “School,” in my classroom, for my students and myself. And then when I come home and want to chill, I have a “Meditation” selection.

But there is one playlist that has gotten me through the growth on my spine and my cancer treatments; it is called “Resiliency.” These songs did two things: they soothed and moved me. I have songs that have quieted and eased my spirit and mind when the effects of treatment were hard. I would focus on a sound or be lulled by the music. These songs would become a sort of musical medication meditation where I would try to block out everything else and just be present with the music. And secondly, with any chronic condition (and life!), there can be some very discouraging and down moments. And so on this playlist I have songs that inspire me, add a little gas to my tank, and have given me more fight.

Presently, I have 114 songs on my Resiliency Playlist. I am sharing some of my songs, as you might be interested in creating your own “Resiliency” playlist or just want to hear some new music. iTunes, as you know, is a great place to hear a snippet of the song, so wander over there if you feel inclined (or click on their name to head over to their website!)! So, here are some songs that move me (in no particular order):

And to soothe me (in no particular order):

So, I would like your input. What songs soothe you? What songs move you? Please share because I am always looking for new songs to add to my Resiliency Playlist. Oh, and did I mention that I love music? (***smile***)



Natalie Walford
10/28/2015 4:50pm

I love soothing calm music. Recently I bought Goldfrapp's album Tales of Us. A beautiful collection of warm comforting sounds. My favorite though is Alvah makes me think of beautiful countryside and peace

11/02/2015 7:17pm

Natalie... I LOVE this album!!!! It is wonderfully soothing...musically and voice wise! YES!

Natalie Walford
10/28/2015 4:55pm

Oh and for a classical turn Vaughan-Williams "The Lark Ascending". It's what I imagine an English village sounded like in the 1800's

Linda T. Marsh
10/28/2015 5:08pm

Natalie, that is my all-time favorite!

11/02/2015 7:20pm

Natalie...ohhhh...I haven't heard of this one. I will have to give it a listen! Thanks. And I love your description of what this song means to you!

Linda T. Marsh
10/28/2015 5:21pm

I'm pretty sure I've shared Jana Stanfield's "If I Were Brave" before. I got to spend a week with her and her music back in 2009. Her entire songbook is wonderful. Her website offer free sample listening for some of her songs. Youtube offers full versions.

Also, Iz's Facing Future album. I can be in a dreadful mood and listening to this will have me up and dancing. Youtube doesn't have the entire album, but here is a recording from a live concert.

11/02/2015 7:24pm

Linda!! This is exciting! Two new worlds I have yet to explore!!! I'm heading in for radiation this week, and while I am staying in the city, I will look (and probably download!) these two selections! Thank you for sharing.

10/28/2015 7:47pm

Here's some of my favourite tunes in a digital playlist. ;)

Plus, some Edmonton boys (a bit punky/singer/songwritey) have good lyrics:

11/02/2015 7:27pm

Jude!! I have yet to listen to your digital playlist, but will do so when I am in the city this week getting radiation. I've always loved your hint of alternative songs and songsters!! This should be good!

10/28/2015 8:24pm

I appreciate and love music ❤️
Some songs I would listen to are:
Grandpa - Judds
Onto something good - Ashley Monroe
I won't give up - Jason Mraz
My kind of radio - Joe Hikk
Try - pink
Fight song - Rachel platten
Brave - Sara bareilles
Sitting on the doc of the bay - Ottis Redding
Those are the songs that came to mind ❤️

11/02/2015 7:30pm

Kerstin...Great minds think alike! I have a lot of those songs already on my playlist! I'll look up the Ashley Monroe and Joe Hikk songs as I don't know those ones. Thank you for sharing what came to your mind...and please share anymore songs that pop up!

10/29/2015 12:10am

We're All Alone - rita coolidge
Hallelujah - Sir Leonard Cohen or Mme kd lang
Do Anything You Want To - Thin Lizzy
In A Big Country - Big Country
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

these were my Fight Songs during my High School days - they kept me alive they kept me movin' and groovin' and believin'
So, on that final note
Don't Stop Believing - Journey


11/02/2015 7:34pm

Ray! Love your selection! I know all of those songs, but will need to relisten to some of they might need to be placed on the playlist! Don't Stop Believing is a classic...I always sing that one out loud!!! Thanks for your input of the classics!

Natalie Walford
10/29/2015 1:05am

Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
Elbow - one day like this/ mirrorball
Kate Bush - this woman's work
Snow patrol - set fire to the third bar
Lana del Rey - video games
Zero - 7 somersault / in the waiting line
Florence + the Machine - what the water gave me
Massive Attack - teardrop
Goldfrapp - clowns/ little bird/ some people/ A+E (the whole "seventh tree album" really in addition to "tales of us")
London Grammar - Hey Now

11/02/2015 7:37pm

Natalie!!!!! You rock!!! I know most of these songs and will revisit them as they aren't (yet!) on my Resiliency Playlist! There are some I don't know, so I am excited to investigate these new sounds!!! Thanks for adding more to your list of suggestions...this means a great deal to me!

11/07/2016 3:33am


12/28/2016 3:22am

Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
Elbow - one day like this/ mirrorball
Kate Bush - this woman's work

12/28/2016 4:58am

Nothing better than music to calm the mind, well other than faith though. But still, serene, soothing music plays an integral part in our daily lives and it's quite important to dive in deeper lyrics though.


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