Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
I wish you all Light & Love everyday, but especially today.  Often the Christmas Season is a time of frantic movements and crowded space.  We can get so caught up in what we need to do that we can forget what is best for ourselves.  We can find ourselves in closed quarters with others and being bombarded by noise, movement and stress.  I encourage you to find moments to breathe.  As silly as it sounds, the bathroom, with the door locked, can be a wonderful reprieve. Really!!! In this tiny room, it is socially acceptable to be by yourself, for a time. So take it if you need it!!!  Also, another way to handle the busyness is to stop and truly take it all in. Detach yourself from the emotional ties of the moment, and become an Observer to it all.  I encourage you to find the Light & Love in the moment; there is beauty in the ordinary. Today... and Everyday.

PictureLet the Light In (Winter Solstice Altar)
The Winter Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere, is the shortest day of the year. Living in Northern Alberta, all who live here are very aware that daylight is at its premium at this time; it is not uncommon that one goes to work in the darkness, comes home in the dark, and never see the light of the sun. The great news about the Winter Soltice is that after this day, the sunlight returns, in increasing measure, as each day passes. Ah, the return of the light!

But before the light returns in full force, the darkness and cold of winter surrounds us.  For example, concerning the earth, winter can be considered as the Earth's Renewal Time as all is quiet, resting and waiting. And as for some animals, such as bears, squirrels and bumblebees, they hibernate. Winter can also be a moment of stillness and rest for us as well.

I see this time as an opportunity to be reminded that life is all about moments of patience, healing, transformation, and releasing what no longer serves me. I am a reflective person by nature, and I find the darkness of winter is a reminder for me to look within.  For I find, when I look into my darkness (my fears and insecurities), I find there is nothing really to fear, because, in reality, my fears are actually just Teachers wanting me to release all my self-imposed prisons. Once I acknowledge my weaknesses and limitations, I can bring them into the light, and change. Also, at this time of nature's stillness, I reflect on the reason I am here (i.e. My Soul's Purpose), and what are my hopes and dreams. With this said, isn't it interesting that this is the time of year when New Year's Resolutions are created?

So, I encourage you to shed some light in an area that has been in the dark. Allow yourself to look at your fears, limitations and weaknesses with new eyes. This is not a time for berating yourself for how you have fallen short, but to reflect and see the possibility of renewal. Read and listen to others who can shed light into your life, and who can feed your soul and spirit. With that said, I encourage you to listen to that little voice in you, and follow that magical wish (i.e. to have a nap, go to that show, call that person and etc.). And finally, be patient with yourself, and know that all things are possible.

There is Magic in this moment.

Light and Love,

(NOTE: This ArtWork was created in 2006. In my journal, I wrote down my thoughts when I created this piece.  It wasn't until today, when I posted it on my webpage, that I completed this ArtWork & Words. The following Words are based on what I wrote so many years ago...and with a few addition)

Love is a powerful emotion that can create mighty actions. Because of love, bridges are built. And in the name of love, harm has been instilled.

Sometimes we contain what we believe love to be. In the name of love, I have seen possessiveness, narrow-mindedness, controlling ways, anger turned to rage, words spewed with intentions of guilt, and hatred justified. It doesn’t seem that these words should be synonymous for love, but some people’s actions have shown that this is how ‘love’ acts in the name of religion, relationships and life’s realities.

Often when we are caught up in our own lives and beliefs, we become blind. It seems we cannot see past the differences and our perceptions.  We forget that behind the clouds, in our world, is a sky of blue. We forget that spring follows winter. We forget that despite our differences, we all breathe the same air and bleed when we are cut.

Isn’t it time to change the way we ‘love’? For if our ‘love’ is based on fear, or not embracing someone because their lives aren’t based on our beliefs, then it isn’t love. There are too many separated and damaged spirits in the world to ‘love’ like this.

We are more similar than different and may we love by accepting where another’s bodies, minds and spirits are at this moment in time (even if it is opposed to ours). Differences do not mean death to our relating to others. See others through the love lens of expansiveness and healing. 

Below is what I wrote about this piece, that was created in January 2007. 

The other day, I picked up a book called Other People’s Love Letters.  The editor, Bill Shapiro of LIFE magazine, searched and edited this book into existence.  Reading other people’s love letters seemed almost voyeuristic, but at the same time it was like peering into my own life.  After the third love letter randomly read, in the bookstore, and becoming teary eyed, my friend Kendra said, “I think you need to buy this book.”

I confess, I’m a sucker for love.  I LOVE love.  I feel affection for seeing people in love… I cry at commercials that show acts of kindness… I savour the feelings of love… I give a touch of love ‘just because’…I think you get the point. 

Needless to say, love letters have a special place in my heart!  Over the years I have poured my heart out on various keyboards and paper, and I have had my affections returned (and sometimes… not).  I have a folder entitled ‘kind words.’  This folder is divided into four sections: love letters from family, from ‘work,’ from friends and naturally, from lovers.

My latest journal entry is inspired by the above book, Other People’s Love Letters.  From my folder, I tenderly pulled out my past lovers.  As I reread their words of honesty, passion, love and tenderness, I cried.  I cried because I have been loved.  I have been loved, well…very well.

This image is a journal visual of some of the love letters I have received.  There is a reason for everything in this work, but to tell you would take away from the love I feel from this piece.  I call this work:  Love Let Hers.