Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
Side note: My mom passed away a month ago.  This is the first work I have created since her passing. When I sat down to create, I wasn’t intending to generate a piece about the ‘mother child relationship.’ And with every work I voice, I listen to my intuition, and this is where it led me.

There is a special bond between mother and child.  Perhaps it is because this is the first relationship we have ever had.  For nine months, our world was only ‘her.’  And as we entered the brightness of a new world, to meet new faces and spirits, she was our link to life on earth.  We are always connected to her, whether she gave us up for adoption, or kept us and did her best to meet our physical, emotional or mental needs. She, is the one, who carried us into this world.

And, if we are blessed, the connection to ‘mom’ can surpass any limitations.  We can find ourselves separated, by a continent’s girth, and she will phone, every Sunday, just to hear our voice.  And then there are times when we discover ourselves lost, alone and scared, and we put on a brave mask, but she will see right through it, and ask if she can help.  We find the link to her when we look at our bodies, other’s compliment a trait we have, or we hear her tone from our voice.  And in times we need comfort, we will wrap her afghan around us and make our favorite ‘mom’ food.

As time carries on, our mom’s will change.  She will become more fragile, need more sleep, forget things, and not be able to fight off the illness that enters her body.  During this time, we will have moments of sadness because we know that she will leave us.

As in life there is death, and physically our cord will be broken from our mother. When this happens, we will no longer hear her voice, the pitter-patter of her feet, receive her kind words or hold her hand in ours. In this absence of the physical, our souls will never forget the last time she said, “I love you.”  And we will find ourselves remembering her in the presence of certain colour, flower, gesture and song. And deep down we will know that she is happy where she is, because she can watch over us day and night, for as long as we live.  You see, we are together in all ways, and for always.