Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
My name is Barbara Burns.

I am an artist.  My first recorded drawing was when I was two years old, and in the years that have passed, I am still creating.  My works have ranged from literary formations to visual creations.  I work in numerous mediums that are two and three dimensional in nature.  I have had numerous showings and my work is hanging on the walls of people from various fields (politics, athletics, business, spiritual, and personal).

I attended York University and University of Alberta and focused on degrees in both Education and Visual Arts.  My work has appeared in various shows, galleries and events.  I have showcased my work in group exhibitions, as well as two person and solo shows.  I helped set up the Artist Colony, in St. Albert, while running my own studio gallery in a mall space.  My interest and support of the visual arts has been seen in my work with Shaw Cable, as I created and hosted a half hour show entitled The Artists’ Colony and a twelve, half hour show entitled Artists at Work.Although working in the public school system, as an Art teacher, I still create.  It is in my blood.

I am a teacher.  I have taught in the public school system, as an Art Teacher, for 'many moons' (i.e. awhile!).  I have taught Grades 2 to 12, but also adult eduction, and volunteer sessions for teen groups and system wide Professional Development.  At present, I teach Grades 10 to 12 at Edwin Parr Composite School in Athabasca, Alberta.

Whether for teenaged or adult students, I constantly strive to improve my presentation, lessons and classes.  Always wanting and looking for ways to improve and create fun art projects for her students, I constantly seek new ideas, possibilities and techniques to bring to my students.  

Whether it is an Art class or holistic workshop, classes with me are structured, yet open.  Students are given the opportunity to observe demonstrations, be involved in discussions and have plenty of hands on activities.  Questions are always welcomed and encouraged.  

I am a writer.  I write on, or along, my visual work, and I write books.  My latest book is a resource called The Art of Organization: A Teaching Resource for Art Teachers.  I created this 310-page book, along with a CD, in order to help new, reluctantly assigned and veteran Art teachers to teach Art.  Teachers throughout the province of Alberta have benefitted from the book.  For this, I am thankful.

So, I am an artist, teacher and writer.  The motto “Live to Learn, Learn to Live,” truly summarizes how I see life.  There is always something new and exciting just around the corner.  This is who I am.