Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
Barbara Burns and hearts
Yesterday, artist Barbara Burns and #iseehearts from the arena parking lot.
I see hearts in objects around me. I’ll be walking around my classroom, or strolling downtown, and I’ll see a heart shaped object in a blob of paint or mound of snow. I can’t remember the first time I became aware of these heart shaped visions, but they have continued to come into my life at a very steady stream. And not just a few hearts, but a great deal and often. And so I take pictures of them (well, okay, most of them), and I share the occasional one on my FaceBook page and on my webpage.

With this sharing, others have become aware of my affinity of seeing hearts. And so, people have shared their own happenstances of hearts: in nature, on animals and even on burned knees and bruises. It always makes me smile as others bring these hearts to me with such joy.

With my radiation treatments, that had me away from home for 31 days, and my exhaustion from treatments, I took a hiatus from FaceBook (November to the end of January). When I returned to my page, I was overcome with an incredible emotion. In addition to a Buddhist temple blessing from a friend across the world, I received countless visuals of love and motivation on FaceBook. But the cherry on top of the cake, and the one that had the tears flowing was a continuous stream of hearts. As I kept scrolling down my page, there were 40 posts, from 40 different people, of hearts they had found in their life or images they found of hearts in nature.

Thank you for this gift of love. You will never realize how I felt completely surrounded in love by these kind gestures of remembrance. I am touched that so many of you are now seeing hearts in your life, but I feel blessed in the fact that you think of me with such love that you send me your hearts. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           P.S. Later this year, I will be posting ‘Guest Heart Finders’ on my page. It seems only natural to spread the love.
PictureArtist Barbara Burns in Winter Wonderland
I love winter. I love the beauty of a world covered in snow. I happen to be blessed in a world (town!) of two traffic lights, moose and deer in my backyard, coyote howls that pierce the night silence, forested areas and rolling hills just outside my door, blazing Northern Lights and a community that knows my name and smile. Granted there are things I miss being in a small town, but at this moment of recovery, I appreciate the beauty and the silence.

As I recover, and am still in treatment, from cancer, I love the peace of this place. I am surrounded by the beauty and love of this land and of others. I am blessed and so grateful.