Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
It is hard to believe, with the temperature tonight going down to -24C (with the windchill of -34C), that we are halfway to spring.  How do I know this? The groundhog had its day today, and predicted 6 more weeks of winter. And if groundhogs don't do it for you, pagan religions call today Imbolc (i.e. lighting candles to encourage the return of the sun, sweeping out the old, thinking of growth). To me, it is all this and the start of the second semester with new teenaged Art students entering my room. For my students, and myself, today had a feeling of 'nervous beginnings' and optimism. The human spirit seems charged and inspired by the possibility of new beginnings.

Even if you have no attachment to the day, perhaps you could take some time to consider a few things.  Since spring is around the corner (for those in the north, technically...), what new things would you like to bring to light in your life (i.e. new hobby? new activity? new relationship?). What would you like to clean up and out of your life?

I find it is important to 'be' in the moment we are in, but also to look ahead and 'see' where we would like to journey towards.  For it is in our thoughts and actions today, we plant seeds for our tomorrow.  With the cold surrounding us (especially in northern Alberta), it is hard to believe that winter is ever going to end or the seasons change. And sometimes we can see situations in our life like that. I encourage you to see today as the beginning of something special and great; your spring is coming. And so, take the time to visualize your life flourishing with abundance, creativity and renewed strength.  Inside you is your joy of life, waiting to take seed and bloom.

I'd love to hear about the seeds/dreams you are planting...
Light and Love,